Saturday, November 07, 2009

Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani

To start with - I went for this movie coz the trailer was funny, interesting and silly at the same time :

I missed the first 15 mins, so I dont know how the characters were introduced.

Prem Shankar Sharma (Ranbir) lives in a small town and is the founder/president of Happy Club. A club that guarantees its members of lifetime happiness. But they (Prem and his friends) actually engage themselves in kidnapping girls and uniting them with their lovers (they consider this as the main goal of their club).
He's a school drop-out, failed in class 9 and has no aim in life. He's least bothered about his future, has absolutely no career plans and is just happy wearing the Happy Club's President badge. His father disapproves of what he does but his mom, like all Hindi film moms, loves her son unconditionally. She also beleives that one day he'll do something great/heroic and his photo will be printed in the front page of a newspaper.
From what I gathered (as I missed this part), Jenny (Katrina) first sees Prem and his friends (the other founders of Happy Club) kidnapping a girl.

She and her family are new in town. Prem and Co. make a fool out of her father and forcefully make him take a flat. Then they almost force him into taking membership of their club. After witnessing all this she misreads him completely, almost hands him over to police. But when she realizes that kidnapping was in the name of love, she saves him from police and they eventually become friends (to fight again) :P

Prem goes to her house with flowers to thank her for saving him from police, but her mom shuts the door on his face. So he climbs the pipe and goes in only to hear Jenny's parents scolding her. He learns that she's an orphan and not their own child.
Now, Jenny has this habit of stammering when she's upset. When Prem tells her not to worry and that he knows she's an orphan, she gets emotional and starts stammering. Seeing her this way, our hero also stammers. He suffers from the same problem (of stammering). But our heroine unaware of this fact, thinks he's making fun of her, slaps him and leaves. He stammers to explain but in vain, until she learns later on about his problem.

In this process of becoming friends, clearing misunderstandings and a little bit of stammering, Prem falls for Jenny.
She joins their club and Prem promises to keep her happy all her life.
In the so called club room, prem has a huge poster - with his face on Salman Khan's body. He tries hard to convince Jenny that it's really him but she claims to be a huge Sallu fan and doesnt beleive him. He goes on to tell her that Sallu is his friend and he trained Sallu to build his body.
As fate would have it, Sallu comes to the town for shooting. Jenny asks Prem to get her introduced to him. Prem tries to avoid but she's adamant. Thinking he's Prem's
friend she calls out his name and Sallu comes to them. After a little bit of plotting behind Jenny's back, Sallu agrees to act Prem's friend, gives Jenny his autograph and she's highly impressed.

Prem's friends coax him into eating non-veg saying Jenny cant live without non-veg and it turns out later on that she's a pure vegetarian. Since Jenny's a Christian,

Prem goes to the church to pray, to ask god to permanently fix his pic in Jenny's heart. The entire one-sided conversation with Jesus is in broken english, and hilarious. This is one of the best scenes in the movie.

Prem, though he's in love with Jenny he cant bring himself to tell her about his feelings. Jenny in the process of describing her friend's husband defines a nice guy as someone who's sincere and hard-working, goes to work on time, comes back home on time and spends time with family as well. She also adds that any girls would marry such a ncie guy. This 'Wake up Sid' conversation makes Prem realize that he needs to work as well. So he ends up working in a Halwai's kitchen to earn money and also to impress Jenny.

In the mean time Jenny's parents whisk her off to Goa to get her married to a friend's son. Prem goes to rescue her and she announces that she's in love with Rahul (Upen Patel).
Rahul is stinking rich, swears he loves Jenny more than anything and is ready to go against his politician father who's dead against this relationship.

Prem puts his own feelings aside and tries to unite Jenny and Rahul. He even manages to convince Rahul's father about getting the two of them married.

What happens next is for you all to watch. How gazab can this one-sided ajab kahani get? How will Jesus answer to Prem's prayers? Will Prem's mother's dream of seeing her son's pic in front page come true?

I really liked the first half of the movie, it's a total laughter riot.
My favourite scenes are :
1. When Prem introduces Jenny to Salman Khan, he's so worried and scared that Jenny will learn the truth. Salman actually asks him : Why are u behaving as though you are introducing my girlfriend to me?
2. The scene where Prem goes to church to pray. He doesnt know english well but he somehow feels that he needs to converse with Jesus in English and gives it a try.
His prayer goes like this :
Hello Jesus, Good Morning, I prem. Jenny friend. My god Bholenath in corner temple, u know bholenath? I go against my dharam for Jenny, eat non-veg. Bholenath knows about it I go bhoooooooossssssss. You Jenny god, I love Jenny. You no help, toh who help. Fix my photo in Jenny heart, permanently.
This is really a very cute scene
3. Prem wearing Jenny's t-shirt and flaunting it as his latest fashion statement
4. Ae lo ji sanam hum aa gaye playing in the background

The second half's however dragged too long. Raj Kumar Santoshi's tried to make the climax like that of his first comedy movie Andaaz Apna Apna but it gets too loud and repetitive at times.

Katrina looks cute throughout. Ranbir's very sweet. His dialogue delivery is good, with perfect timing and adorable expressions. However I feel Shahid kapoor does a better job of stammering than both Ranbir and Katrina :P
I almost forgot about Prem's superman stunts....they however look wierd and out of place in a Halwai's shop ;-D

There's hardly any story in it but it's a great entertainer. Though your mind wanders off couple of times, esp in the second half, it's still worth a watch.


Blogger Prem Raj Adhikari said...

I was also watching this movie Saturday evening until the plot you transcribed. Out of the eight segments in the movie in the Internet site only around 5 had finished, then I decided that the movie was going to get boring and decided to sleep. My guess would be partially true as you also said "The second half's however dragged too long". After I started reading your blog, I was feeling good that I would know the remaining story in matter of minutes but as it seems I need to spend sometime tonight again watching the remaining half of the movie. But that's how the review goes.. A-1 post .. How do you manage remember all those dialogues just watching the movie once... Amazing memory...


10:40 PM  
Blogger Shallu Goyal said...

heyy sounds like a very light n entertaining movie...even i was provoked to go for it when i first saw the promos on now after reading ur review i can safely go for it...:)

11:44 PM  
Anonymous Mahesh Dasadiya said...

Nice Review archana...though I cant agree with the fact that second half is dragged n boring...Do agree that its actually not as hillarious as first half..but tragic moments between comedy is like hot chocolate fudge and ice-cream combo...his feelings for that gal and those senti moments could have been more intense to increase hot chocolate proportion...but still I liked it..Though towards end katerina's heart transform could have been more gradual than an last second impulsive event...but all in all movie was too good..and Ranbir kapoor is becoming actor from starson now...worth watching again in if anybody goin again...count me in !!! :)

9:59 PM  
Blogger crystalmermaid said...

@ Prem:
so, did u watch the rest of the movie?
Thnx a ton! watching movies has always been a passion. So I manage to remember few dialogues here and there :-)

3:03 AM  
Blogger crystalmermaid said...

@ Shallu :
Saw the movies? Before ka toh comment mil hi gaya hai. Movie dekhne ke baad phir se ocmment karna ;-)

@ Mahesh :
Thnx dude! Glad that you liked the second half as well :-)
Ranbir's really grown as an actor. And I like the way you compared the tragedy-comedy as hot chocolate fudge and ice-cream combo

3:07 AM  
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Anonymous menuka said...

hmm...........i found apkgk not as i expected....neither the comedy made me happy....

10:11 PM  
Blogger shahzaib asad said...

salman khan in ajab prem ki gazab kahani

5:23 AM  
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