Friday, November 06, 2009


I know I am very lazy when it comes to posting something here. I dont even remember what my last post was about or when it was.
I accidentally came across few blogs yesterday and have been hooked to them ever since. These are blogs by movie lovers who post their reviews on movies they watch, esp old movies. And I'm loving them!!! (Mc Donald style ;-))
Reading their reviews I felt as though I was actually watching those movies. I'm amazed by the concentration with which they have watched them, the details they have conveyed, their knowledge about the characters....simply mindblowing!!!! Hats off to u guys!!! I'm literally bowled over :-D
I wish I could write about few movies myself. I'm so inspired, and I actually want to. But I know I'm nowhere close to them when it comes to observations, getting into technical details etc.
Anyways, let me give it a try. I only hope my laziness doesnt come in my way :P
Will post my first review tomorrow (hopefully) :-)


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