Saturday, April 26, 2008

Not going for Kaddu's wedding! :-(

I'm feeling bad that I am not going for Kaddu's wedding. We had been planning to go for months now and at the end everything when helter-skelter.
Too much of strees in the past 2 weeks - work and assignment and no proper sleep has taken its toll on my health. I knew I would be going for her wedding and wont have time for anything this weekend. So I tried to finish of all my assignments before all this. But I'm so tired now and feverish also.
We were planning about the trip till last night but nothing had been finalised. She had said she would call at around 10:30-11 this morning and let us know the final arrangements. It was almost 3 AM when I went to sleep. I had set the alarm for 10:30 and gone to bed. When I got up in the morning, dad said Star had called thrice on the landline. I called her back after I got back but her phone was busy.
Dad said that Star had told we will have to leave by 11:30. So I packed my things. Then Star called me - Kaddu wanted us to go in a cab with a cousin of hers at 11. It was already 10:45 then. Star knew I wasnt keeping all that well, so she told Kaddu to cancel the cab. Both her parents and my dad were not too happy with the idea of just the two of us going in a cab with someone we didnt even know :-(
Divya and Swathi were not coming for the wedding and Kaddu was just counting on Star and me. And at the last moment even we couldnt go. I'm really sorry Kaddu.
Wanted to call and apologize for not being able to make it but couldnt reach.
As you walk into this new phase of your life, we pray that all you dreams come true and you have a happy and a peaceful life ahead (though we pity Vijay ;-))
I'm sorry dear!!!! But I promise I will be there the whole time for the reception


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