Thursday, April 24, 2008


I was out for shopping on saturday evening. Had gone to pick up a Brithday gift for dad. I had just reached Trimulgherry when I got a call from Ravi.
Ravi: Where are you?
Me: Trimulgherry, shopping.
Ravi : What are you doing here? You were supposed to go to Nizamabad for Kaddu's wedding.
Me: Wedding is next week. Where are you?
Ravi: Prasads. Came for a movie
Me : Which one?
Ravi : Race

We had decided to go for this movie together and that's the reason I actually havent gone for it so long.
I started fighting with him for not calling me. Moses and he went for the movie, without me once again!!!
I told them I didnt want to speak to them and cut the line. They called back again and asked me to come to Paradise. I said I couldnt. My family thinks I spend more time with my friends than with them at home. So, I had decided to spend the entire weekend at home. I refused to go and meet them at first.

I wasnt in the best of my moods that day. Was very irritated and on the edge. I have been that way for the past week or so. Just not in great spirit. Too many things going on in my mind, lots of things bottled-up - all ready for an explosion. Was not even in a mood of talking to anybody.

But they forced me so much, and I couldnt put up my price too much, I finally gave in.

I was supposed to meet them in 15 mins but then I got delayed by more than half an hour. They were waiting for me when I reached the rezendevous.

I was sorry that I was late. Usually I dont like making people wait for me. But just couldnt help it that day.

When I reached, they both behaved as though they didnt know me (we usually do this). I just turned around and started walking. But then I had made them wait for so long, that I came back again.
Ravi wanted me to have Rasmalai at Dadu's. That's where they were waiting. But I chose to have panipuri. And at the end thats what all of us had.

Then, Ravi asked me : What was the the movie that Moses, Vishal and I went for, without telling you?
Me: Om Shanti Om ( can't help remembering, i have a good memory)
Then both of them started laughing.
Me : You called me all the way just to ask that?
Them : yes
Me : ok then, I'm leaving
But I stayed back. These guys really cheer me up. Inspite of my mood, I was already feeling better.
Ravi seemed little less confused but was behaving strangely. So I asked him if his wedding was fixed. But he said it wasnt anything of that sort, he had called me there coz he wanted to mee tme and wanted a favour
Him: I need your help
Me : Help? In what?
Him : Well, I want to buy a watch for my cousin. Cant decide. Help me in choosing one.
Me: Okay. You want to buy it now?
Him : Yes. There are few showrooms here. Let's check them out
Me: Okay, let's go. (we started walking towards the nearest Titan showroom). What's the budget?
Him : It's not fixed as such
Me : Hmmm, budget is not fixed...You sure you are buying it for your cousin?
Moses: In fact he wants to give it to Ms. X (Ms. X is a girl who Ravi had a crush on sometime back, but I thought he was over with it)
Me: Oh okay. So, you still interested in her? I thought her chapter was closed.
Ravi: I want to close it. Lekin jab bhi main usko dekhta hoon, kuch ho jaata hai
Me: Ok
We reached the showroom. Checked out few more shops in the vicinity and then finally decided on one watch.
We were given a membership form to fill in. I was filling it when this guy walked up and said : Excuse me, I am doing a survey. Can I take a few mins of yours?
Moses: Sure
The guy : I have a few questions regarding the service and the ambience here.
Both Moses and Ravi told the guy to ask me. I finally finished answering. The moment he turned around, I gave a punch each to these two with - Kahan phasa dete ho mujhe!!!! ( I know it was pretty hard, sorry guys...hee hee)
Moses : The guy was good-looking, that's why we gave you a chance to talk to him. You should be thankful ;-)
Me: Thankful, my foot!
Ravi got the watch packed and went to the counter to pay the bill. Moses and I kept loafing around. Saw one watch on display and it had a magnifying glass above the dial. The dial actually had all the Zodiac Signs, and when magnified it looked great.
We laughed for sometime imagining people wearing watches with magnifying glasses attached to them ;-)
Ravi was taking long at the counter. So, Moses and I came outside the shop. We were just standing there and planning our next outing.
Ravi came out after sometime, handed the bag to me and said : This is for you.
I was surprised. Pleasantly surprised.
Me : But what for?
Ravi : Just like that. Wanted to give you something
Moses: The plan was mine

It was a very sweet gesture on their part and I was touched. I almost had tears in my eyes. But at the sametime I was sad that I couldnt actually guess their plan. Thanks to my mood, I wasnt thinking much.
They were very happy that I hadnt figured out their plan till then. And that itself made their day!

After a moment I said : What if I was really in Nizamabad today?
They : We just called you thinking you were there but you happened to be here, so....
Me: Couldnt you people have called and checked before going for the movie?
They : You come back from Nizamabad. We will go for the movie again, and this time with you!

We all were very thirsty. So went to Universal Bakers and had something to drink. They both wanted me to stay back for dinner, but I had told at home that I would be back by 8. And I just didnt want that friends and family thing to come up again. So I left.

I was feeling bad that - I was pretty rude to them when they first told me to come over, fought with them for going for the movie without me, put up my price for everything they said...but still they were so sweet to me throughout. Didnt mind all that I said. They understood that something was disturbing me, and I was not in the right frame of mind. Didnt even ask me what it was.
I'm genuinely sorry that I was so selfish that day.

They just tried to cheer me up and tried to bring me back to normal. And they have succeeded in doing so!!!!

I am my normal self again, happy and no more gloomy gloomy. I dont know if I have told you enough but you guys are great! Thanks for always being there. I cant imagine my life in Hyd without you all. I am so lucky to have you all as my friends. Vishal, dont get jealous..You too are a part of the loop.

Thanks for everything! Love you lots :-)

But I'm surely going to kill you if you dont take me for Race the following weekend ;-)


Anonymous Moses said...

Ravi gave the watch to archana.. but i felt happy, as if i gave her something. In fact me and ravi where happy to have archana as our friend... You make us wait even more archu, we will not mind :P. Anything, anytime im always there, we all are there.

You know, me and ravi both noticed that u had tears in your eyes even though they did not roll out. It was perfect cause u did not figure out our plan and were surprised.

Just happy to have you allllll..

archu, movie pakka rey..

3:52 PM  
Blogger Ravishankar said...

Ji, i must admit that i turned a bit emotional while reading the blog. that was so sweet of u..yeah we are indeed proud n happy that we made u happy:-)yeppy..

Yes we have always been there for each other n will remain so..

luv u all

8:26 PM  
Blogger crystalmermaid said...

sure dear. will make u wait longer next time ;-)

1:34 PM  
Blogger crystalmermaid said...

tankoo tankoo :-D

1:37 PM  
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