Friday, April 25, 2008

No Subject

I think I'm going crazier by the day. I have been trying to finish my MCA assingments for more than 2 weeks now. And it seems like a never-ending task. Am still left with 2 subjects, inspite of sitting awake till 2-2:30 am everyday and writing. 7 Subjects in a semester is just too much!!! And to make things worse, even the city fms have stopped playing Hindi songs after 1 am. Writing assignments was never so dull and boring :(((((

It's been ages since I slept properly :-( Oh, how I wish I could go to sleep and not get up for atleast 2 days.

Work's not all that hectic at the moment. But there's always something coming up and some deadline or the other to meet all the time. Or maybe I've gone used to the pressure that I dont feel it any more.

It's Friday afternoon, I just finished my lunch and am almost asleep now.

I'm so happy that it's Friday so soon. TGIF and TSPKAPPSTH is starting today ;-)
(TSPKAPPSTH - Thank Star Plus Kya Aap Paanchvi Paas Se Tez Hai). Am really looking forward to it. With limited interest in Cricket n not much of time to spare there's hardly anything to watch on TV. I hope I reach home on time for it.

I'm no longer sure if I'll be going to Nizamabad tomorrow for Kaddu's wedding. If I
actually go, it's well and good. And if I dont, I'll finish my assignments and go for Jesmi's reception on Sunday. If I can make for Jesmi's reception - it will be another class get-together as most of my classmates are coming for it.

Either ways, there are things to look forward to over the next two days.
The only sad part is - Dad will be leaving on Sunday morning :-(

Happy weekend to me and to everybody else!!!!! :-D


Anonymous Moses said...

oh.. not going.. nice nice.. what are you doing on Saturday then ???? ;)

3:39 AM  
Blogger crystalmermaid said...

@ Moses
I'm not yet sure. Will complete my assignments if I dont go

3:42 AM  

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