Saturday, May 03, 2008

RACE finally

Khush toh bahut hoon main aaj, hain???!!!!!!!!!!! (in typical Big B Ishtyle)
I've finally finished writing my assignments. I even submitted them this evening. And yes, as promised, Ravi and Moses took me for RACE :-D
Typical Abbas-Mustan movie, I know it's too late to give review. So, I wont. But I liked the movie. It was fun.
Pulling each other's legs was even more fun. I hope Ravi remembers atleast a part of our lecture ;-)
In short, had a great evening :-D
Thanks guys.


Blogger Ravishankar said...

yeah i do remember your advice and have also implemented one of them didn't i..but the funny thing is i gotta listen to a lecture on a subject which m quite aware of..lekin subject hi kuch aisa hai kya kare:-)

as for the movie is concerned imust say i enjoyed it more watchin it for d second time..n all d credit goes for the company i was with n not the movie...

ok now my comment is getting lengthy than the blog..ta ta..

7:54 AM  

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