Saturday, May 03, 2008

Kaddu's Reception

Well, I couldnt make it for her wedding. But I did go for her Reception.
The card said Reception would begin at 6:30. Plan was to go to Kukatpally, meet Swathi, pick up a gift for Kaddu and then go to RTC-X-Roads, that's where the Hall was.
I left office at around 3. Swathi picked me up from JNTU. We were not sure what to give her. We had thought of giving her a saree but then her mom said she had already bought so many. Then thought of giving something for the house. Finalised on Dinner Set but couldnt find a good one. And anyways, she always said she wanted something in gold. So we picked up some gold jewellery for her.
Then went to Swathi's place. I had actually thought of changing there and taking an auto to RTC. But Swathi preferred going on her Activa. We couldnt possibly drive all the way from Kukatpally to RTC in Saree on it, so we decided to go there and change. We called Kaddu and confirmed that there were changing rooms in the hall before we left.
We got stuck in the traffic in all the possible places and finally reached the venue at 6:40. And we were the first ones to reach.
There wasnt anything to do, so we waited for almost half an hour on the stairs outside the hall. There was no sign of anyone coming even then. We tried calling Rahul so that we could have some timepass but he didnt answer the call :-( (That reminds me I have to call him, he had called back later that night but I couldnt answer then) So we finally thought we would search for the green room and change. We went around looking for one but couldnt find. Saw one staff near the entrance and we asked him where the green rooms were. And he thought we were the caterers! :-( No idea what made him think that :-P
We were just outside one of the Halls there. It was being decorated then. We were not even sure if that was the one we were supposed to go as there were no boards. After he confirmed that we were not the caterers he asked us if we had come for the engagement and we said yes. He directed us to the rooms finally. We had to go through this hall ( there were already few people sitting inside). We crossed the stage and finally found the rooms. We went in, changed and came back the same way - through the stage and the hall.
The reception party had arrived by then and the reception was in the hall upstairs ;-) We dont know whose engagement was going in the hall in ground floor, we just walked in and used the rooms there for changing :-D
So we went, met Kaddu and Vijay, wished them, met their families and sat for sometime. Gave them the gift, posed for few pics and then went for dinner. Met some of her classmates - Neharika, Santosh, Mikhail, Rethish, Anish and Naresh.
It was already past 9:30 by then. And guess what, we went back to the same room downstairs, once again through someone else's engagement, changed back into Jeans and left. When we were exiting the engagememnt hall, there were 2 uncles standing by the door shaking hands with people leaving the hall and thanking them for coming. We somehow managed to squeeze ourselves in between other people who were leaving and made an escape ;-)
Sridhar had come half way to accompany us on our way back. We stopped at Lower Tank Bund, bought ice-creams and had them sitting on the bench there facing Hussain Saagar. As Sridhar was coming to Kompally he said he would drop me home. We went to leave Swathi first and then Sridhar left me home.It was almost 12:30 when I came back home that day.
Kaddu was still angry that we didnt go for the wedding. She was quite busy, so couldnt talk or spend much time with her. However, it was "mind-blowing" being there ;-)
With Kaddu, it's two wickets down now. And Divya, dont worry, I'll put up about your wedding also soon :-)
P.S. - I had taken my camera battery out to charge the previous night so that I could take as many pics as I wanted. But I forgot to load it back in the morning. I realised that I only had the Camera and the cable but no battery after I reached office and I couldnt come back home for the battery, so no reception pics :-(
Will put up few after Kaddu sends them, ie, if she does :-D

Well, I do have their engagment here they are!!!!

Congratulations once again!!!! Wish you both a wonderful life ahead :-)