Monday, October 30, 2006

My 1st Sem Result

Heylo everybody,

I have cleared all my 1st sem papers (MCA from IGNOU)! I have never been so happy in my life to score 64%
Thanks a lot for all ur blessings n prayers n wishes.
Special thanks to di n bhai...It wouldnt have been possible without ur support

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Diwali 2006

I had a lovely time this Diwali. Fun started on Friday when I went forDon. Being a person who claims to be a big fan of Amitabh, I was sure I woudn't like the new version with SRK in it. Not that I dont like SRK but I always felt he's better at the romantic roles he keeps doing most of the time. But I was wrong, I loved the movie. Anybody there who would go by my recommendation, go n watch this one! It's a very sleek movie with awesome settings, lovely background and great direction.

Tina was coming to Hyd for Diwali, n that guaranteed fun, which we had more than we had expected.For those who dont know Tina, she is my best friend. She's working for Wirpo at B'lore. (lagta hai teri intro ke liye toh mujhe tera CV upload karna padega ;-) )We caught up on the latest gossips, latest happeneings in each other's lives and it was already past 2am before we could realize. Thought it was time to go to bed but Tina so very badly wanted to call up someone at that part of the night and disturb. We tried almost all the common friends we had. Finally at around 3, one of them called back. Now this guy happens to be a TV star. He has worked in few serials but, to us, he'll always remain the same confused guy we met at Vijayawada railway station 6 years back when he was a tennins player. There's nobody else who worries him more than we do, esp when we both get together, we almost drove him crazy!

Staurday went in shopping and loafing around. Rahul and Henry (these two r my bro's friends, they r very close to me. 3 of them r my Amar, Akbar n Antony) came homeafter a long time. Felt so good seeing them, it added to the joy, I mean it guys! So keep coming more often, I love having u guys around :-)

That's Tina wid Henry (left), Rahul and Raj


As usual they worried the hell out of Tina. They even hid her lappy and wrote a note for her saying that they would kidnap her sis if she doesnt hand over her lappy to them for good. They call her Mathe, so that they could inherit it after she's gone. They felt it was a better idea than getting her murdered just for the sake of a laptop ;-)

Came back home at around 8 and that's when the actual Diwali celebration began. Pooja first, and then lit diyas and put them all around the house. All the bachhas were home by then. We were 13 of us at home that day. We were making dinner and bursting crackers at the sametime. Music was blasting as though there was some rock concert going on and all of us were dancing like mad!

Pooja Time!

Tina n me getting ready to light diyas (R)

I know there are some who wont believe it...but Tina's become an expert in making chicken curry....n she not only makes it well, but loves making it also :-D

We finally had dinner at 12:30 and half of the bachha-party left for hostel.The remaining half continued with music and food till 3 in the morning.Finally we realized that we need some sleep. Tina, I'm sorry I censored one of ur sugestions here ;-)

We continued with shopping the next day too for almost 4 hours. And by the time we were done with it, it was already time for Breiti (is one of my bachis) and Tina to leave. Rahul and Henry were home when we got back home,worried Tina again and finally went to see her off.With almost everybody gone, the house suddenly felt too huge and quiet.

Starlene and Soujanya came home on Monday. It was almost a year since 3 of us got together, though I had met Star in between. We had a gang of 4 in college and hostel for 3 years. The fourth one was in Kerala and the rest of us missed her terribly. Divya, how we wished you too were there that day!The only thing that we did that day was talk about our college life.Soujanya was fasting as she's got a muslim boyfriend, Hisham. She promised both of us a treat at KFC in the evening, so we too didnt eat anything that day ;-)

You can guess where our next stop was. But we went to our college and hostel before leaving for KFC. It felt so good to be in the campus again!We met Hisham finally. Enjoyed the chicken there n conversation too,ofcourse! Had a lovely time and we decided that we should meet up more often.

Tuesday was bhai dhuj (we call it bhai-tika)...bachha-party was back home again in the morning.Spent some time with them and then left for Himayatnagar (had 2 tasks there) -
1. To submit my re-registration form
2. To get the address transferred for gas connection, it was pendingfrom a long time

By the time we finished, it was past 5. Got down on our way at Anand just in time for 6 o'clock show(Jaaneman) and watched that too. Went for it with my Bro and my Sis. It was after so many years that only the three of us went for a movie. All 3 of us being in 3 different places, we would just meet once a year for Dussera. Though we have been staying together now from last 6 months, our offs hardly coincide, so we would usually go with our own group of friends. Movie was okay type...nothing great but nothing bad either. It's a time-pass movie. But what mattered more to me was the company :-)

Called home and spoke to mom in the night after the movie. Finally went to sleep at 11:30, which is strange and too early by my own standards, esp when compared to last 3 days when I had gone to bed only at around 5 am.

Di comes home at around 4:30 am when all of us are sleeping and I hardly get to see her. Didnt want to deprive her the luxury o having someone at home. So I would make dinner for her at around 3:30 am and wait for her to come home. No matter how bad a day you have had at work, seeing someone by the door waiting for you makes you forget everything. I dont know about the others but I feel bad when I have to open the door by myself and enter the house after a long day at work.

Now, before any one of you ask me how I kept myself awake for so long for 4 days continuously, the credit goes to an insomniac like me, who gave me company throughout in letting me talk ;-), playingTic-Tac-Toe and our so called art-exhibition.Thanks a lot Mr. 'DON' !

Thanks to all you guys for making my time so memorable!

P.S : More photos coming up in another few days